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Creating Community

I had no idea if teaching yoga to seniors would suit me. I thought I would be overwhelmed managing the physical limitations, or perhaps bored with a gentler practice. As it worked out, though, I absolutely love the two senior yoga classes I teach each week at the senior center. They are the highlight of […] Continue reading

The Writing Life

I’m sitting here this morning in my favorite writing chair—a mission-style recliner with wide wooden arms that have plenty of space for my coffee. Later I’ll add the cordless phone to the other armrest for my business calls. It’s rather dangerous. I could sit here for too long. My strategy is to consume […] Continue reading

The Definition of Yoga

If there was a person on earth who had never before encountered the wind, what words would you use to describe it? Could any terms fully explain what it feels like to stand atop a mountain while mighty gusts try to blow you off balance? Would words do justice to galloping through a field on […] Continue reading

Why Go Down A Dead-end?

Looking up at the steep hill, I saw the “dead end” sign. Well, I wondered, why should I work that hard to walk up a hill only to turn around and walk back down again?
Normally, I would not have wasted the effort. Today was different.
Given that I had just dropped my daughter off for a […] Continue reading

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