Giving up

As I sit and write this New Year’s Eve morning, I’m thinking about giving up . Everyone’s always creating intentions about what they want to accomplish in the New Year. Me, I think about what I no longer wish to accomplish . You see, there comes a time in every business when giving up stuff makes more sense that adding more. Less is more. Unfortunately, the tendency is to hold on to what we’ve created rather than to let go, especially when there’s nothing else to grab onto for security. Your feelings give the best clues as to when it’s time for a change. Consistently feeling uninspired bored, frustrated, angry, or other heavy emotions can be a neon sign trying to get your attention to move in a new direction. Just like water hits a big obstacle and flows around it. When we work for others, we may just go apply for a new position or change companies. What happens when you are the company and there is no new position? Well, you create one! I’m speaking from first-hand experience. This year has been one of big transitions for me–the biggest being the death of my sister. After ten years of teaching yoga 3-5 times a week, I noticed I was feeling drained. My teaching felt uninspired, tired, and mechanical. So I quit teaching yoga. Well, actually I’m calling it a sabbatical. Here’s the message I sent to my students . I have no idea what tomorrow holds, but for today, I’m not teaching. Between the trapezes is not a comfortable place to be, but it’s a familiar place for entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs know this spot. It goes with the terrain. Accountants need to know numbers. Lawyers need to know law. Entrepreneurs need to know empty space . It’s here that nothing turns eventually into something. What are you giving up, quitting, or releasing for 2011? How does the idea of quitting make you feel? Do you equate quitting with losing? Or does quitting make you excited about new possibilities? Don’t make changes like this lightly, or on an impulsive whim. Your creation deserves more. Just make them with as little drama as possible. Honor the obvious choice of a pathless path right in front of you.

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