Last open house!

Tomorrow, Sunday, March 28th is our last open house of the season. That month flew by!

We have a good size group coming to visit us from the Heifer Project of Rutland, MA. This organization does great stuff in the world, and we’re happy that they will be stopping by. The Heifer Project helps families across the globe improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways by giving them gifts of livestock and training. In exchange, they ask recipients to give one of its animal’s offspring to another family in need.

We’ll be open from 11-4, our usual Sunday hours. And, believe it or not, I think we will be boiling. Joe thought the season was over last week and started pulling taps and cleaning tubing. He kept his options open at Moose Brook sugar bush, though. Because that spot stays cool and we have it on a vacuum pump system, we were hoping for one last run. It looks like that will be the case. Last night it was down in the teens, and today is up over 40. So the sap is running. Check out the video and see the system at work. It’s easier to see than to explain in words.

Hope we see you tomorrow. We have plenty of maple syrup, and we have candy all made. We plan on making the cream tonight. Wonderful farm fresh sweets for those Easter baskets!

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