Maple Syrup season 2011 begins…

OK, so I’m confused! In the beginning of the video I said “Welcome to the 2010 season.” It’s 2011, right? Sigh, the mind is behind….

It’s been a physically demanding and emotionally frustrating week. The amount of snow in the woods is a challenge, and our major vacuum pump equipment is acting up. It’s losing vacuum and we can’t figure out why. With the amount of effort we’ve put in, I think a gallon of syrup should be worth its weight in gold!!!

That’s the nature of farming…

Joe and Jon are in the woods today continuing the tapping process. I get a respite to do computer work. They are digging out snow for a place to put the collection tanks. For the moment Joe has put aside the vacuum pump problem. I’ll keep you posted as we continue the fun! Keep positive thoughts flowing that the problem is resolved soon…

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