Marketing as Listening

Edi Pasalis, creator of I Do Yoga, lets deep listening guide her marketing decisions. The result is an organically grown business, led by a woman truly in tune with her clients.

“Rather than trying to get as many customers as I can, I listen for what is called to be done,” she says.

One of those things calling to be done as she started out was an Internet presence. She created a web site and a regular e-mail newsletter distributed every six weeks or so. Another thing calling to be done was a monthly workshop.

Marketing as listening is an exercise in respecting your own process, Edi says. “If I don’t respect my path, it would explode or collapse. When I’m not in the space of listening, I feel I’m acting out of a place of fear or non-abundance. Listening is a more positive and trusting way to walk in the world.”

How do you walk in the world? Do you skip, saunter, tiptoe? Try matching your marketing approach to your life approach, and listen for what your business calls for.

It just might result in better service to your clients.

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