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Saturation mailing is a great way to become known as the yoga teacher or studio in town — especially if you live in a small or rural community. A saturation mailing means you send mail to every household in a targeted area, such as a zip code or delivery route. Visit the post office during a slow time and request to speak with the postmaster about doing a saturation mailing. Once you know how many recipients are in certain delivery routes, you can determine which area to target based on your budget.

Budget Savvy

With saturation mailing, expect to spend less than 20 cents per postcard. If you invest $300 in a saturation mailing, and you charge $100 per person for a cluster of yoga classes, then you need three new sign-ups to break even. After that, each new sign-up is profit.

Your postmaster can help

Filling out the saturation mailing form 3602-R can be complicated, so don’t be shy — ask your postmaster for help. Ask, too, if Form 8125 is right for you. (Form 8125 can save you almost four cents per postcard.) You will need a permit. Consider borrowing one from a permit-holding business.

Cultivating a good relationship with your postmaster is key. He or she can help you make a potentially cumbersome process into a smooth, profitable venture.

Postcard Production

Keep these tips in mind for creating a direct mail postcard that doesn’t get tossed into the recylcing bin.

1. Direct mail should be just that: Direct. A simple postcard will do, with basic information. Let folks know your location and how to contact you with questions.

2. Offer incentives. A free introductory class, perhaps, or 20 % off a private lesson. Be creative, and potential students will associate your yoga classes with special perks.

3. How are you different? If you’re the only yoga studio in 30 miles, say so. If you’re the only yoga teacher who offers at-home lessons in your area, flaunt it.

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