Tangible Tools for Memorable Marketing

Tangible products lend entrepreneurs credibility. So says Carla Kimball, whose Elemental Speaking Planner is a tangible tool that helps her clients improve their public speaking skills.

Creator of RiverWays public speaking programs, Carla says the planner is a boon to her business. The colorful organizer relates the five elements to public speaking. (Fire, for example, teaches us to be passionate about our topic. Water teaches us to trust.)

That doesn’t mean you need to manufacture and patent your own yoga-related widget. But if your marketing could use some spice, consider giving your clients tangibles – both outside and inside the yoga studio.

Carla, a former yoga teacher, used a slinky snake toy to discuss spinal fluidity, encouraging students to work toward a flexible spine.

Now a public speaking coach, she gives “river rocks” to clients, engraved with her website address. “The river rocks are reminders of the earth element, and in effect everything they’ve learned from me,” Carla says.

What special message do you offer, and how can you make that message memorable?

If you’re a chakra specialist, consider offering flashcards or hand-outs that connect certain postures to each chakra. Your students will leave your class not only with a powerful memory of what you stand for, but a useful guide for their own personal practice.

A monthly email newsletter is another great way of connecting to clients – and a regular reminder of all that you offer.

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