When Times are Tough

Every comes upon tough times at one point or another. It is inevitable. Financial instability, economical or political unrest, illness, relationship problems not only take a personal toll, they also have a direct impact on your business.

A mind consumed with worry does not have room for positive action.

Instead of waiting and worrying,take a stand. Make a manifesto. Be clear about why you are doing what you are doing and why it is important for you to continue.

Here’s what I wrote for myself years ago when tough economic times had a direct impact on my yoga business. I decided to:

1. Commit to the importance of self-awareness. This yoga/consulting/training work I do is based on empowering people to wake up to the truth of themselves. That, I think, is the only answer to the craziness and delusions we see today. So I am using this economic and politic landscape to re-energize, re-motivate and re-commit to this life’s work.

2. Reach out rather than hunkering down. I feel the tendency to withdraw into my turtle shell, thinking that less is more in this situation. Instead of succumbing to that impulse, I am going to reach out. This very public display of my intentions is an example of that reaching out.

3. Provide explicit seva. Seva means service in Sanskrit (the language of yoga). I have always had an open door policy for those that cannot afford my services (bartering, no-cost, exchange, etc). Now I am going to make that offer explicit rather than implicit. Every reaching out effort will mention financial aid. At these times when people need self-awareness, money is not going to be a barrier.

4. Offer low-cost options. I am looking at my products and services to see how I can offer them at a lower cost for more people.

5. Invest in my business, and in personal and professional development. Rather than the “not now, maybe later” attitude that this environment can breed, I am going to continue to evaluate opportunities and stretch to grow.

6. Use circumstances to mold my mind. This mind can play all sorts of tricks, judging what should or should not be. I commit to using my mind to build a positive response rather than a fearful to blameful response.

7. Trust the divine. Trust and worry cannot co-exist. Enough said.

8. Keep perspective. Life is good—I have a roof over my head, loving friends and family, my health, and work that is fulfilling and fun.

9. Speak out. More voices of the people are needed in politics, business, and community. My voice will be one of them.

10. Ask for more. More of myself, more of others, more of life. Settling for les is not an option.

I hope that sharing my manifesto helps you with yours!

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