What’s your YES criteria?

I lead Power and Play Retreats for entrepreneurs and executives. At one such gathering, a participant was wondering what direction to go in as she tried to figure out the best path to follow. So many options, so little time! One of her peers gave a great suggestion. Instead of what to avoid, exclude, or say no to, consider your criteria for saying YES. What are your key criteria in life and work that bring about a YES to an action or direction? Some examples of the YES criteria could include: -Adventurous and fun -Satisfying and fulfilling -Profitable (in terms of money, learning, or experience) -Education and expanding knowledge -Balance with personal, family, and relationship time The beginning of the New Year is a great time to consider your YES criteria. Be specific. Build the work and life that’s important to you by getting clear on what’s worth the energy and effort of a YES. I’m going to give you a little motivation to not only think about that YES, but to do something about it… I’ve said a big YES again this year to YogaHub’s Virtual Yoga and Meditation Conference . I’m speaking at it (teaching the program Living with Ease ) and also moderatoring many sessions taught by great teachers. Share your YES criteria and you could win a free ticket to the conference! Just go to my FaceBook page and post your YES criteria on my page, either as a comment or as a full post. Everyone who makes a public declaration of YES will be entered into a drawing. On Tuesday, February 1, I’ll draw three winners. Each will receive a free pass to YogaHub’s 2011 Virtual World Yoga and Meditation Conference-a value of $297 per ticket! And here’s how you can stack the odds in your favor… Share my post about the conference on your wall and you’ll get additional chances to win. Even writing this email, I notice the positive energy that flows along with the YES decision. It makes me happy to say YES. YES is a pure, simple, natural way of moving prana (the yoga word for life force). Go ahead. Try the YES yourself. Notice what happens in your body and your mind. Then stay with that YES and notice what happens in the world.

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