A Minute for Me

The high price for trying to get everything done is letting yourself become undone. A busy life is an easy place to lose you. Even in a busy life, the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of your own attention, discovering from within what is true and authentic. This book is broken into quick essays that can be read in under a minute along with questions to ponder for new perspectives. Format: softcover book. ~ Hardcover $14.95 More Information…

Infinity in a Box, Using Yoga to Live With Ease

Life can feel constricting. With family responsibilities, work demands and daily obligations, there is little time to take a breather. In Infinity in a Box, you’ll learn a simple yet powerful four-step approach to working and living with ease. Weaving introspective Yogic philosophy into the pragmatic demands of a hectic twenty-first century day, Infinity shows corporate executives and stay-at-home Moms alike the importance of valuing each moment of life. ~ More Information…

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Easy Tips for Marketing Your Wellness  Business

This e-book is for wellness professionals who want more students or clients. It’s for people who want more action and less talk. More results and less theory. Easy Tips for Marketing Your Wellness Business includes 90 tips to help you fill your practice, along with journaling space to record your action plan and the results you achieved so you can see what works best for your practice. Format: e-book. ~ E-Book $14.95 More Information…

Yoga’s Evolution in America’s Wellness Revolution

Yoga has gone surprisingly mainstream. Behind this successful growth is an unseen but predictable pattern spelled out in the e-book Yoga’s Evolution in America’s Wellness Revolution. Once you know these hidden decision points, you can understand why some people accept the invitation to try yoga while others reject it outright, or why some stay with the practice for years while others fade out after only a few sessions.

Once the out-of-sight process is revealed, what was mysterious becomes obvious, and you can take the right action at the right time to bring more people to yoga or encourage more people to stay with
the practice over the long haul. ~ E-Book $29.95 More Information…

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