A Minute for Me

Coming February 2012!

The high price for trying to get everything done is letting yourself become undone. A busy life is an easy place to lose you. Even in a busy life, the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of your own attention, discovering from within what is true and authentic. For this self-discovery, exotic travel is optional. Inquiry is mandatory. A Minute for Me gives you the tools that encourage inquiry, including:

  • Personal short stories to motivate your own exploration and inquiry
  • Simple 60-second exercises to build your “self-awareness” muscle
  • Ideas for generating new perspectives that can easily fit into your day without changing your schedule or adding another item on your to-do list

You can think about the past, plan for the future, but the only time you experience life is right here, right now-in this very moment. A Minute for Me helps you live this moment to its fullest.

Maybe that is the ultimate exotic travel-the exploration of your own heart.

Coming February 2012!

What people are saying…

Many of us have grand designs and schemes for our spiritual practice: thirty minutes of meditation a day, an hour and a half of yoga practice three times a week, enlightenment by the time we’re fifty. The truth is, we live in a busy world. We often just end up feeling oppressed by our big plans. What about the radical idea of small, regular moments—a minute!—of awareness, of settling, of quiet, of “coming home.” Turns out that the cumulative power of these small moments can change our lives. Megan McDonough’s book is a friendly, accessible, beautifully written and wise guide for this kind of practice. I highly recommend it.” Stephen Cope, Director Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living

Woven into each enjoyable story is a philosophic insight that can change a mood, a day, or a life. A Minute for Me is a gem of a book. I want to read it again and again and give it as a gift to all my good friends.” ~ Dedie King, Lic. Ac, M.Ac. Clinical Director of Listening, the Barre Integrated Health Center

A Minute for Me is a delightful romp through the realities of life’s stressful lessons; a sweet blend of humor and inspiration guaranteed to take the edge off the effects of the day.” ~ Elissa Cobb, author of The Forgotten Body, Program Director, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Center

A Minute for Me reminds us of the truths we all know but are too busy to apply in our lives. Each story, easily read within a minute, holds age-old wisdom disguised in daily life events. This is a book I can pick up anytime and open to just the right story I need for that day.” ~ Vandita Kate Marchesiello, Manager, Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association

Such a simple concept, yet in today’s active world we need to be encouraged to take even one minute out of our busy life, just for ourselves. Fun and very accessible practices map our way to the great peace within each of us.” ~ Nischala Joy Devi, author The Healing Path of Yoga and The Secret Power of Yoga

True to the title, Megan reminds us, once again, that life is lived in this moment- and that coming into this moment can take (often less than) one minute. When I’m having a tough time, I spontaneously open the book to just the right page that reminds me there is ease right now, and that I’m not alone in my struggles.” ~ Soleil Hepner, Stress To Success Mind/Body Educator, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Faculty Trainer

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