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A Minute for Me

A Minute for Me helps you take time for self-reflection. Get new perspectives and simple techniques to live with less stress and more ease.

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Mindful Marketing

Mindful Marketing gives resources for yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, executives and entrepreneurs who want to build a business in an authentic, conscious way.

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Miscellaneous Musings

Miscellaneous Musings are…well, just that! Plus, these posts keeps you updated about local happenings in and around central Massachusetts such as yoga classes, retreats, workshops and even farm events where we make maple syrup.

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What others are saying

Megan, Thank you so much for this. You are such an inspiring writer. I didn’t have time to read this but once I read the first line I couldn’t stop. -Sitara

Once again, I am moved and inspired by your words and encouragement…You have a way of writing that speaks to connection. Your heart connection is present and so your words are real. -Estelle

As I read, I couldn’t help but be amazed. I felt so touched by what I was reading, it was as though the article had been written especially for me, I felt as though the article were the means that God or a Higher Power had chosen to communicate with me… -Analia

Megan, your thoughts were beautiful. I got goosebumps reading your message.

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