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Geting great testimonials

Can you please tell me how great I am, how much you love the work I do, and how wonderful it is to hire me? That’s awkward, to say the least. But when you try to get testimonials for marketing, it can feel very awkward indeed. Done right, though, testi… Continue reading

The end of the .com?

Today I heard on NPR that the organization responsible for IP addresses (ICANN) will be creating a registry option for those with big pockets and major brands. For $185,000, a company can choose their own name for an extension instead of the well-known… Continue reading

Write Compelling Content

Last week I spoke to a group of women about email marketing at the Elements in Excellence Conference. One question I’m always asked about email communications is, “What should I write about?” First and foremost, write what your clients want to read! … Continue reading

Create pricing options

In the last blog post, here’s what you read about setting a price: If your price exceeds your customer’s ability to pay, you lose . Because no matter how valuable your audience finds your service or product they won’t buy it because they can’t. G… Continue reading

What’s your value?

What would you charge for a meditation course? That was the question one participant of the Power and Play Retreat was pondering. I wanted to do some impromptu market research over lunch, so I asked three of the participants to guess the cost of a thre… Continue reading

Go for the Grant

No matter the success of your sales and marketing, there may be times when the services you offer cannot be paid for. You may love teaching yoga classes for local students who have trouble paying attention, for example, but a broke school system can&rs… Continue reading

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