Living with Ease

In this online course, you’ll learn a four-step process for living your life deliberately, on purpose, and with conscious creation.

Based on the book Infinity in a Box; Using Yoga to Life with Ease, the course is from YogaHub’s Virtual World Yoga and Meditation Conference.

The course includes full audio, the complete slide presentation, all the handouts, experiential exercises, and a direct link to a private discussion forum where you can ask questions, make comments, and share your experience with others in the same class.

During the 60-minute online program, you will:

•    Explore experience– See clearly your immediate response in stressful situations.

•    Build perspective– Widen your awareness to consider other, new possibilities in confining situations, giving you more freedom.

•    Choose deliberately– Consciously create your response instead of reacting habitually.

•    Develop a personal vision.

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About the course content

It’s nice to get away from stress and angst with a pampering spa. Any get-away would be nice, including a simple bubble bath—like the old television ad where Mom blissfully murmurs “Calgon, take me away” while soaking in a bubble-filled tub.

Escapism has its appeal.

Trouble is, though, you eventually have to come back from the spa or the tub to face the same old situations that gave you the stress in the first place.

Retreating from life’s battles gives us a reprieve, but not long-term peace.

The course Living with Ease encourages you to move more deeply into life rather than to retreat from it. By giving you concrete steps to take to engage in life completely, you can learn to be at ease in the moment rather than wanting to escape.

The course gives you simple techniques that you can use right this very moment to expand your awareness and give you a bigger perspective. Based on the ancient mind-body practice of yoga, these tools are not just yoga postures, but a mindset you apply in everyday life.

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