Teaching yoga in 2012?

The question I keep getting as my year long sabbatical comes to an end is: are you coming back to teach yoga? The short answer: no. The longer answer: yes, but in a very different way. As you know, 2011 was a year of transition. It was the first year without my beloved sister – which was very sad. It was a year without teaching yoga – which turned out to be fattening! And it was the year I helped Kripalu get started in online learning – which was exciting (and a ton of hard work). As 2011 was winding down, I started entertaining ways to go back to teaching in 2012. I miss you, I miss the physical activity, and I miss the after-glow peace I receive from teaching. I just don’t see me going back to teach weekly asana classes, though. The travel schedule and responsibilities of the Kripalu contract are too demanding. Instead, this year I’ll focus on one message: live with all-out, full-focus awareness, giving yourself the gift of your own attention. And I’ll teach this virtually and by leading retreats or workshops rather than weekly onsite asana classes. The first such event is at YogaHub’s virtual yoga conference in February. http://b.yhub.us/12y40q I’ll be teaching a class called “A Minute for Me” where you’ll learn specific techniques to stay firmly rooted when life is whirling. You’ll learn from other teachers as well – there’s over 50 hours of classes. Registration is $65 just for today – it’s a 50% off special. Click below for more information: http://b.yhub.us/12y40q I hope you’re continuing your asana practice, and that yoga is continuing to serve your well being and happiness. I so look forward to connecting with you in the New Near. May 2012 be your best year ever, full of abundance and joy.

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