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Dream Big

Inspiration struck at the grocery store. I was heading for the checkout counter when my eye was caught by a photo on a greeting card: a darling baby with her bright, sparkling eyes peeping over the top of a bucket, above the words, “Give us dreams a size too big so that we can […] Continue reading

It’s Raining Responsibility

We celebrated my daughter’s Sweet Sixteen birthday with a weekend in New York City for just the two of us. One plan of many, squeezed into a short 48 hours, was to grab a cup of coffee and have breakfast near (instead of at) Tiffany’s. We got rained out, though. The rain poured down in […] Continue reading

10 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year. On this summer solstice, remember to celebrate the energy of the sun–the bright, open energy that fosters growth and a rich harvest. Here are ten ideas for your celebration: 1. Open the morning with the yoga seri… Continue reading

What’s your YES criteria?

I lead Power and Play Retreats for entrepreneurs and executives. At one such gathering, a participant was wondering what direction to go in as she tried to figure out the best path to follow. So many options, so little time! One of her peers gave a gr… Continue reading

Giving up

As I sit and write this New Year’s Eve morning, I’m thinking about giving up . Everyone’s always creating intentions about what they want to accomplish in the New Year. Me, I think about what I no longer wish to accomplish . You see, … Continue reading

Moon Salutations

I’m looking at the moon more often these days (or should I say nights?). And it’s all because of Laura Cornell.
It was my privilege to host Laura and eight other speakers in a preview event for the upcoming Virtual Yoga Conference. During her session, Laura introduced some of the postures and the theory behind the […] Continue reading

Mental Magic

This morning I woke up fuzzy and with a headache. I slept well last night, but I felt hung-over. No, it wasn’t because I had overindulged at a wild party. It’s been a long time since I’ve attended anything that could be classified as “wild”. I’m fast asleep before anything remotely resembling wildness starts. The […] Continue reading

Inspirational Quotes

This morning I went to add a new saying to my “favorite quotes” folder and found that the file was gone. I’ve been adding to that document for over a decade, collecting all the sayings that touched my heart, gave me inspiration, or provided a new perspective. Now the inspirational document is gone—probably accidentally erased […] Continue reading

Deadlines and Downtime

Deadlines are a funny thing. I buckle down and get things done for a tight timeline. But when the deadline is far in the distance, I feel like I have all the time in the world to get something done. And therefore nothing gets done.
A tight deadline is like the whirling dervish syndrome right before […] Continue reading

The Blank Page

I bought another journal today that I didn’t need. My daughter says I have a fetish for journals – and she’s probably right. I have thin and fat, large and small, colorful and plain journals stuck in all sorts of places – including by my bed, in my car, the office, kitchen and here now […] Continue reading

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