Infinity in a Box

Peace is possible right here and now. Peace is not found in some far-away place
(I bet even those mountaintop ascetics took their demons with them in their minds). You can develop a fulfilling and satisfying relationship with life. Happiness is as close as your own heart if you are willing to stop fighting with everyday life and instead use circumstances as an opportunity for self-discovery.

Life can feel constricting. With family responsibilities, work demands and daily obligations, there is little time to take a breather. In Infinity in a Box, you’ll learn a simple yet powerful four-step approach to working and living with ease. Weaving introspective Yogic philosophy into the pragmatic demands of a hectic twenty-first century day, Infinity shows corporate executives and stay-at-home Moms alike the importance of valuing each moment of life.

Infinity in a Box, Using Yoga to Live with Ease

  • Why yoga is a mindset, not a set of contorted postures.
  • Simple techniques anyone can do to be more open and alive to this present moment.
  • How to uncover and overcome hidden assumptions and overcome stress.

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