Beyond Classes

An online course to be a workshop leader and trainer

Your work is too big to stay confined within the four walls of a studio. Most practitioners tuck yoga, tai chi, or other wellness work into the cubbyhole of a studio space. That’s okay if you want to teach a class; not so great if you want to reach as many people as possible with the gift of your work.

When you teach a class, you are limited by the:

  • Number of students that can fit into the space
  • Physical ability of your body to teach multiple classes
  • Population that lives within a convenient travel time to the studio.

There is a way to reach more people: go beyond teaching into training. By becoming a trainer, you can bring workshops to groups, organizations, and corporations, expanding your skills and your bottom line. Learn how to become a trainer by taking the online course “Beyond Classes”.

How to become a trainer


“Of all the people doing email courses, yours was most impressive. You are so natural and friendly I feel as though I’ve known you forever. You give an incredible amount of information…Most importantly, there was nothing phony, pushy, or aggressive about your delivery. I could go on and on. I found your information really helpful and your delivery delightful.”— Christie Pennington, The Light Speakers

As a trainer and workshop leader, you can:

  • Bring your work to people anywhere, not just in your neighborhood.
  • Introduce mind-body techniques to mainstream America, rather than just the limited few who walk into the studio.
  • Develop new skills that allow you to effectively manage and facilitate groups for maximum learning.
  • Create a new, higher-end revenue stream for your business, building financial stability and long-term security.
  • Give your body a break, using the mind instead of muscles to train others.

It Looks Like This . . .

Let’s get clear on what I mean by becoming a trainer or workshop leader. If you went into a business and said you were a yoga teacher who wanted to offer stress management classes, the potential client would expect a movement class and put you in the category of $10-$15 per student, just as you would see in a studio or a local YMCA.

If, however, you went to that same business and explained that you were a trainer providing stress management training, that potential client would mentally place you in a “facilitation” role, a category with a very different skill set and pay scale.

That’s the difference between being a trainer and being a teacher.

What is an online course?

This course is completely online–which means you can learn when and where you want. No need to travel, eat-out, or stay in hotels. You just log into the classroom with your secure ID, and learn as you want by watching the instructional videos, reading the handouts, and asking questions in the discussion forum. You get immediate access the material as soon as you register.

Register for the online course “Beyond Classes” now.

“Wow, great stuff! You give a lot of right-on information without being overwhelming. I truly loved your delineation between being a trainer versus being a teacher–and I realize this approach goes way beyond the corporate space. It works in any group setting.” — Soleil Hepner, Founder of YogaBlaze

Training is Not for Everyone

Being a trainer, though, isn’t for every mind-body practitioner. It takes a certain skill, interest level, and focus to make the transition from teaching to training.

As the past president of a training association as well as a trainer for many organizations — including such diverse companies as the American Cancer Society and Fallon Community Health Plan—I know a thing or two about what it takes for a wellness practitioner to become a successful trainer.

I’ve put those lessons into a free video course to help you decide whether the training path is right for you. In this three-lesson course, you’ll learn:

-The key components of a successful transition from teaching to training
-The four steps of adult learning, and how to integrate them into training to achieve the best results
-How to develop a winning proposal and get training jobs
-The top two networking groups to help trainers jump-start training work.

You’ll also see real-life examples of training programs I use.

“Megan, your work is marvelous! I love your presentation and am so inspired to start to work in this manner. What a relief to find there is somewhere to go after so many years of yoga classes.” — Maggie Mellor, Ease into Yoga

“Lesson #1 was outstanding! What stood out particularly was learning we do not have to reinvent the wheel. It is perfectly acceptable to use an existing presentation. Thank you for helping put an added perspective to infinite possibilities” — Anne Silverman

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