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Last week I spoke to a group of women about email marketing at the Elements in Excellence Conference. One question I’m always asked about email communications is, “What should I write about?” First and foremost, write what your clients want to read! Obvious, I know, but very often overlooked. Your emails don’t need to be a long. In fact, short is best. Tidbits are fine, but forget the inane and keep to the relevant. To develop interesting content, think about the following: What are the top five questions your customers ask? (that’s the prompt that created this blog post) What changes do your customers need to know about? What articles or books have you read recently that you’ve found interesting? Who are the most interesting customers that you have helped in the last six months? What makes them interesting? How did you help? What problems do you see your customers encountering this year? Suggestions on how to handle? You can tell if your emails are meaningful to your clients by checking the click-throu gh rates, number of unsubscribes, replies, open rates, forwards, and other metrics from your email marketing system. Hint: If you don’t have those metrics, then you don’t have a system! You can start your email marketing system at http://www.easyemailmarketing.net for as low as $15/month with no contract required. It’s the system I’ve used for over a decade–it got my business going back then and is still the backbone of my business today.

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