A Way to Manage Fear

Fear touches every life. And it certainly goes hand-in- hand with running a wellness business. People express fear about:

    Others misunderstanding and devaluing holistic work.
    Being judged–that others think the work is “weird” or “crunchy.”
    Leaving a current “real job” for a dream that may not pay the bills.
    Answering the question, “What do you do for a living?”
    Running into major roadblocks when trying to do work of the heart and soul.

You can concentrate on the fear, or you can concentrate on the giving. Watch this three minute video and reflect on the following questions….

What’s the metaphor between this video and your wellness work?

What would it take for you to offer your services with a complete lack of embarrassment and total commitment?

What happens to you when your services are rejected?

What happens when they are accepted?

How can you be balanced with either response?

How could you manage roadblocks fearlessly, focusing on the intent of your work?



Check out this course to build personal power using affirmations in conjunction with yoga. It’s a great way to overcome fear-based thinking.

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