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Karma can be a difficult concept to grasp. How the cycle of good deeds and bad deeds come full circle, and how and the effects of one’s actions determine one’s destiny, can be dizzying to contemplate. But a yoga teacher in Brunswick, Maine, is making the concept of karma plain and simple: Do something nice, and get a free yoga class!

Jennifer Nadeau, owner of Jai Yoga, awards Karma Coupons to do-gooders in her community. The coupons are good for a free yoga class at Jai Yoga. Karma Coupons educate the public about Karma Yoga, which holds that serving your community is serving the Self. In addition, Karma Coupons bring new clients to Nadeau’s classes every week.

“Folks are so touched when they receive a Karma Coupon,” she says. “We feel great giving them out. Onlookers are inspired. It generates much good will in our community. Karma coupons give us a kind of visibility, you could even say advertising, that cannot be bought. It is good Karma for all of us.”

With her Karma Coupons, Nadeau has been able to connect to her community and market her business in a mindful way.

Here’s some homework. Watch your actions and see how many times this week you connect with your community. How can you double that connection next week?

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