Corporate keynotes and training sessions

If ignored, the cumulative effect of daily work stress builds, leading people to burn out, check out or tune out. A fully engaged employee is one who can balance demands over the long haul. McDonough Company offers training programs that provide tools to turn stress into success.

Using a strong experiential component along with team dialog, principal Megan McDonough offers clients:

A way of saying thank-you to high performing employees. Instead of an award that gets dusty on a shelf or a dinner that is quickly eaten, rewarding employees with a fun, interactive session that’s “all about them” leaves them feeling cared for and refreshed.

Introspective techniques that empower employees to see positive steps they can take to manage stressful times—such as when strategic changes are underway, organizational restructuring is occurring, or competition is high.

Training that encompasses the practical aspects of work—such as time management and listening skills—combined with wellness tools that address the whole person—such as relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety or breathing techniques to focus the mind.

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