The rain is still pouring down…

The rain did not stop the brave souls who came out to see the making of Massachusetts maple syrup yesterday! Thanks to those who stopped by. For those who missed it, well, you have three Sundays left (and let’s hope for some great weather for the remaining events!)

Yoga master John Featherstone sent me this great NY Times article about farming (note the yoga classes at the local Grange!). I just wish farming (like teaching yoga) was not equated to giving up financial security (take a gander at the house behind them in the photo).

Lastly, we did have lots of visitors who went to the pancake breakfast at the Hardwick Winery before they took the trip over to the sugar house. The Winery will continue to have the breakfast every Sunday in March (just like our open houses). So plan to do both for a great day in the country. Click here for more information and to make reservations.

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