Celebrate Spring Today!

Today, Sunday, heralds the arrival of Spring! The vernal equinox (when the days and nights are about the same length) officially arrives at 7:21 pm. Come celebrate it’s arrival by making maple syrup–a northeastern experience that epitomizes the season.

This week we’ve been happily overworked with an abundance of sap. Joe’s already made more maple syrup this year than all of last season (thank goodness, because last year was a terrible year for making maple syrup).

We’ve had lots of visitors to the farm. This week we had a family that drove all the way from Florida! OK, so we were just a stop along the way to Boston, but still, we love that they made the detour! This is week three of our open house, so come on by anytime between 11-4.

The end of the season is fast approaching, so visit now while the sap is still flowing. We’ll be boiling today and making pure Massachusetts maple syrup!

I’ve had many questions about when we’ll have maple cream (that wonderful, spreadable maple goodness). You need to use light amber to make the cream, and that’s in short supply this year. Since we don’t have any, we’ve called around to many other local sugar houses to see if they have some. There’s none to be found (yet). We’re still looking, and will keep you posted when it’s made and stocked. In the meantime, we do have maple candy for sale at the open house!

When: Every Sunday in March from 11-4.

Where: 572 Jackson Rd, Hardwick, MA

Contact: 413-477-0932

The Hardwick Sugar Shack has a Facebook page now! Please “like” our page and spread the word to your FB friends

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